ICERT 2017

21 Hydroponic Screening of Five Submerged Plant Species for Lead Phytoremediation Potential
22 Heavy Metals Concentration in Surface Water and Sediment from Tin Mine Effluents at Kepayang River, Perak, Malaysia
23 Optimisation and Characterisation of Batch Adsorption System for Acetic and Butyric Acids Recovery from Leachate by Activated Carbon
24 Experimental Investigation of Air Temperature Reduction of Turbine Ventilator with Ventilation Duct in Attic
25 Economic Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage in an Educational Building Based on Building Load Profile
26 Performance Analysis of Air-Conditioning System with Fixed-Plate Heat Exchanger in Tropical Climate
27 Image Analysis of Liquefied Oil Palm Trunk Residue Solvolysis in Glycerol and Ethylene Glycol
28 Influences of Waste to Inoculum Ratios and Temperature on Biogas Generation of Organic Solid Waste from Market
29 Power Generation and Metals (Cadmium and Copper) Removal by Sediment Microbial Fuel Cell
30 Biodegradation Behaviour of Particleboard Bonded with Modified PVOH/Oil Palm Starch and Nano Silicon Dioxide
31 Tannin-Bonded Rhizophora sp. Particleboards as Water Equivalent Phantom Material for High Energy Photons and Electrons
32 Hybrid Wastewater Treatment System of Photocatalytic Fuel Cell and Electro-Fenton Process
33 Biomass Quality of Scenedesmus sp. Cultivated in Wet Market Wastewater
34 Wastewater Treatment by Microalgae-Bacteria Co-Culture System
35 Comparative Physical Phytotoxicity of Azolla pinnata and Lemna minor in Treated Palm Oil Mill Effluent
36 Comparative Tolerance and Survival of Scirpus grossus and Lepironia articulata in Real Crude Oil Sludge
37 Preliminary Studies of Antifungal and Phytochemical Properties of Mimusops elengi Seed Extracts Against Paddy Grain Fungi
38 Performance of Continuous Pilot Subsurface System in Phytoremediation of Cod, Colour and Suspended Solid in Recycled Pulp and Paper Effluent
39 Characterizations and Attenuation Properties of Corn Starch Bonded Rhizophora sp. Particleboards as Water-Equivalent Phantom Material for Low Energy Photons
40 Composting as a Sustainable Method to Minimise Waste at Source in Malaysia
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